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If you were born or raised in Mulwala, New South Wales, chances are you grew up wearing water skis more frequently than shoes.

34 year old local Pete O’Neill is no exception – since the age of two he has spent his life behind a ski boat and loving every minute of it. Competing and coaching at the highest echelons of national and world waterskiing, Pete’s connection to the sport runs deep.

"It’s fun and exciting and has lots of good people involved. It’s a good social sport and it feels like there is always a new challenge or something to learn. I always look forward to jumping in particular but to be honest I just enjoy being behind a boat."

It's always been in his blood.  Pete started barefoot skiing by the age of eight. When he turned ten he competed in his first National Barefoot Waterskiing Championship.  Since then he has been successful in a range of skiing events.

"I have held a couple of records in my time for the trick event, and there are a few tricks in the show ski world that I invented so I am pretty proud of them. I have won the overall Barefoot Nationals in the Open Mens division ten times, and have placed third at the last two World Championships. In Show skiing (water skiing is split into disciplines, like football has AFL, Rugby League, Soccer etc) I have been Show Director with my best mate Brutis Ryan. I have skied in two National Championship winning teams and I have led the Australian Team (again along with Brutis) to a second place in the World Championships."


Skin Ski  Owner – Mulwala & Yarrawonga
Fearless leader or maybe just the unlikely one in charge of this gang, Pete has run the ski school now for 15 years. He has skied for Australian on 20 separate occasions and has a number of Aussie Titles to boot.
Though his time now gets taken more and more by the office, he will still be seen sneaking his way back into the boat to get some fun in the sun.